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I would never give a penny to #Twitter. But I am always willing to support #OpenSource and #democratic tech projects, so I've signed up to be a #Patreon for #Mastodon so that it can grow. I urge other, if they have the means, to do so as well.

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I don’t know if this is the right place for that, but my team at Apple is looking to hire several vulnerability researchers: The role is based in Paris but fully remote positions will be considered on an individual case basis. We also have another job opening for microarchitecture experts: Don’t hesitate to spread the word if you know someone who could be interested!

Just watched black panther. 7/10

Namor was very cool, tho. The movie wasn’t bad but the first was set the bar really high.

So the recommended way to scale a mastodon app is vertically, because of the bandwidth or the change in URL if the instance changes static storage URLs

Okay the mastodon iPhone app looks great.

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Well here I am. I figured my first post should be a photo I really like.

Took this the other night, I love the reflections.

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Hello and welcome all new users! :nkoWave: ❤️

Most of you joined a #Mastodon instance(server) and by that you automatically joined the #Fediverse :fediverse: (Federated Universe) this is the network of all instances so we can communicate from different places!

If you want to know more about the server you are on be sure to checkout the 'about' page. This also includes the rules specific to your instance!

For example, ours can be found here:


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