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I'm looking for work. HMU with your job leads at @kitoconnell I guess. I'm also trying to migrate this account to

ugh the ssl didn't renew and this broke

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So there you go. Sounds like it's official.

Anyone making a third-party Twitter app might be wise to switch their efforts into making a Mastodon app instead.

Deftones always puts me in a good mood

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I'm gonna make a new folder.

Definitely a folder, that's what I need, so that's what I'm going to make.

Alright new folder time. Gonna click the button.

(Makes a new file.)

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The leader of Scientology is being sued for child trafficking and exploitation. Feels like this should be a bigger story.

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Delighted that @zachleat found me on Letterboxd. Any more Letterboxd buddies out there?

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Using the DevTools Performance panel and want to share a trace with someone?

Easy #webperf permalinks w/ the Perf Panel.

Time to look for an office, I'm thinking on renting an office to use a couple days per week.

I've been working from home for 3 years non-stop now, I miss some social interactions.

trying to justify using postgrest on a toy project, but i can't see it replacing my Django + DRF setup

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One of the most influential rap songs of all time (Ether) contained a homophobic slur. The rapper (Nas) took a lot of criticism for this decades later. So he now performs the song without the slur, and re-released the track without it.👍🏿

Lizzo released a track with an ableist slur. She took heat for this on Twitter too. She apologized, and re-cut the song without the slur.👍🏿

Conversations about what a person said, are valid.

You don't get "cancelled" for mis-speaking. It's the doubling down.

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As a human rights lawyer who has done extensive immigration work, let me make something absolutely clear.

Asylum is legal immigration.
There's no "port of entry" requirement.
There's no "visa" requirement.
There's no "first country" requirement.
You enter the United States, and you apply for asylum.

Because asylum is legal immigration. Period.


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Hi there #fediverse, we're Chron 👋

For #followfriday, here's some of our team that's made it over to #mastodon 👇

➡️ Editorial Director @matthewkitchen
➡️ Managing Editor @kpjose
➡️ Senior Editor @notadoctorcarson
➡️ Sports Editor @criswell_sports
➡️ Sports Reporter @mshap2
➡️ Food Editor @emmabalter
➡️ Audience Editor @SarahDPearce
➡️ Trending News Reporter @arianagarcia
➡️ Trending News Reporter @michaelmurney
➡️ Metro Reporter @kennedysession

#introduction #news #journalists #journalism

tried to search how to make a coffee in a french press and all the results from the first page were shitty websites with a ton of ads (tried on mobile where i don't have ad blocker).

i couldn't get to a site where i could get a pleasant reader experience without addons.

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This might not be the most uplifting "2022 wrapped" list - but we hope it helps teams prioritising #accessibility in 2023 to find and fix the most critical accessibility issues we found over hundreds of accessibility reviews in 2022.

Here's to a more #inclusive 2023! Stay safe and merry holidays 🎉

Damn. The flu got me bad. I feel exhausted a week after I got it. 😔

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Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity 

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.

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I took a few minutes to write up some notes on how Mastodon is different from Twitter for some friends: Maybe this can be useful to you all, as well? (Although I suspect that if you're already on Mastodon it's a bit preaching-to-the-choir.) I'm excited to become more active in this community!

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So, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon instance, EU Voice, as an official channel/platform for all its many institutions - what a great initiative
#TwitterMigration #europe #Diplomacy #Transparency

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