I need something that can post everywhere. Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, and maybe facebro

last week i was messing with this Mullvad/Tailscale configuration for my PC, laptop and phone and they just released a feature for this specific need today tailscale.com/kb/1258/mullvad-

tldr you can use Mullvad and Tailscale without issues!

Hey, do you know the @ThePSF is hiring for a full-time position called the Deputy CPython Developer in Residence?

It's a special role where you'd work with me and the rest of the core team on directly shaping the future of #Python.

Want to know more? I posted my personal perspective on why I think it's a special opportunity for you to consider!


The death of the construction worker, Felipe Pascual, 46, comes as Gov. Greg Abbott passed a law last month that overturned local ordinances requiring water breaks for outdoor workers.


#texas #politics #news #houston

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Just binged demon slayer to see what all the hype is about. I didn’t like it until the train movie. The last fight is the best thing so far.

My friends tell me the second season is better. Let’s see.

of course we see more JavaScript in social media, Python/PHP/Ruby people are busy building instead of trying to build an audience

is there a @GuyDealership
but for mortgages?

Limited beta for react.gg is open. Cheapest it will ever be so scoop it up while ya can!

How to comment out the rest of your Python file (without using a comment):
assert False

the open web is closing because of AI.

AI is possible because of the free content people provide to these platforms.

in the last 3-4 big projects i've been involved where i decide what tech to use (within React) i've been leaned toward Vite.js, for some time now.

This post hits really close to my sentiments in the matter.


published a small tool to download a video using yt-dlp and stream directly to s3


DC has a big opportunity with The Flash. I'm burnt out from Marvel, Star Wars, and everything Disney.

I'm ready for something different.

facing out my next.js website and going back to wordpress.

want to switch from an experimenting site to an actual platform where i can just go and write.

Vercel Markup


This is a great visualization of what you get/pay for when using Vercel’s integrated storage options vs going directly to provider

(if you’re doing your own math, don’t forget time = money)

#Mastodon: Are there any good tools for archiving my own posts?

* Offline search & navigation of archived data, with a dynamic UI
* Incremental archiving

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Calling @histodons and #museum professionals, esp.

I received a nifty grant to travel with 12 Colgate Univ #museumstudies students in January 2024. 5 days in DC and 3 days in NYC.

I've got a rough itinerary planned: combo of art, history, and natural history/science.

I'm very eager to make contact with curators, educators, and others working in museum spaces to give these students a great experience and hopefully some behind the scenes access.

Seeking contacts and tips!

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