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The quiet power of introverts

Are you an introvert? If so, that's great! Animator Sofja Umarik (who is an introvert) looks at how it can be a real strength.

Yes, I am still raising money for to save my house from foreclosure, and rebuild it so hopefully I can house an extra trans person or two. I am barely in Illinois, and many trans people in Missouri are looking to get out right now.

I am a trans woman fighting to get Social Security disability, and my non binary partner has had a hard time finding steady work (but is employed again right now).

My legal aid lawyer said what I have stored up in savings could help the foreclosure mediation, higher it is goes, it could help more.

I also have CashApp: $JamieGenovese

Feel free both to boost and to follow me.

#trans #fundraiser #mutualaid #disabled #disability #Missouri

Bit of a long shot, but could my good mastodon follower folk give me some boosts?

I'm starting work on a documentary podcast series about the future of space; renewable/sustainable technologies, commercialism in the sector and the public's perception of it all.

I'm hoping to connect with people who know space to complement my client's contacts, so any signal boosting would be appreciated!

#Reddit and #Twitter are calling #AI companies to pay premiums when they train models on “their” users. It is becoming more clear than ever that you are the product of these companies if you use them.

Spend two hours trying to figure out what’s the current decent router for SPAs. Tried wouter but didn’t support nested routes so I went back to react-router.

I didn’t went with rr first because I personally dislike one of the authors. Yeah very subjective but it’s a personal project and I can do those decisions based on personal opinions.

Workshop: Kirby for designers / Sept 2023 🧑‍💻🎓

Join @georgobermayr in Munich and learn how to build your own Kirby-powered, tailor-made website. Hosted by @typographische.

Sign up (workshop in German):

yoo this is pretty cool, zustand v4!

this small library has made my life easier.

We are refactoring our controlled forms into components using forwardRef and letting the element API handle the data.

Keeping our foundation for Kirby 4 means that every bug fix and enhancement for Kirby 3 will also be a bug fix and enhancement for Kirby 4.

We will keep releasing 3.9.x releases until the launch of Kirby 4 later this summer (

Today it's time for the first release candidate for 3.9.3 🚀

The stable release will follow next week.

I haven't mentioned my Patreon much here. But I'll be posting there more. And I'll really need help if you want to keep me writing about the stuff you like to read.

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I'm looking for work. HMU with your job leads at @kitoconnell I guess. I'm also trying to migrate this account to

ugh the ssl didn't renew and this broke

So there you go. Sounds like it's official.

Anyone making a third-party Twitter app might be wise to switch their efforts into making a Mastodon app instead.

I'm gonna make a new folder.

Definitely a folder, that's what I need, so that's what I'm going to make.

Alright new folder time. Gonna click the button.

(Makes a new file.)

The leader of Scientology is being sued for child trafficking and exploitation. Feels like this should be a bigger story.

Delighted that @zachleat found me on Letterboxd. Any more Letterboxd buddies out there?

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