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this is what i meant about 80% planning 20% implementation

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Shots fired by the flake8 maintainer.

We can have a nuanced discussion about the failures of flake8 etc, but you’ll still have to acknowledge that a VC-backed, non-Python project profited from decades of community work, & has sucked all air out of the space.

It’s not like I’m not using Ruff—but I do it begrudgingly & find the cheerleading around it baffling. It has practically destroyed a part of the ecosystem & it looks like nobody has seen the VC playbook play out.

There are many out there but only a few have had so many love, tears and care put into the work.

Or that’s what I think at least 🤔

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Very close to finally release a usable version of a piece of software I’ve been working on for four years.

Nothing fancy, a CRUD app that outputs a preconfigured workflow for double entry accounting so you can manage your budget.

A budgeting app.

today was stressful but productive

Any newsletter provider that doesn't add a thousand trackers to the emails and signup forms?

the big downside of using passwordless login is that you depend on the service that delivers the email to login.

right now i can't login to linear because i can't get the login code.

when i retry, i get the past invalid code instead of the new one.

i'm stuck and unable to see my issues.

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Manifesting S2 of Severance and a new All-American Rejects album for this year 🙏

Yesterday my son and I asked ChatGPT how many quesadillas would it take to make the earth explode.

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Almost 11 million internet-exposed SSH servers are vulnerable to the Terrapin attack that threatens the integrity of some SSH connections.

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been thinking how to add PostgREST to my stack.

since i already use Django Rest Framework.

but Today i realized it can replace the most tedious thing of DRF, writing serializers.

use Django for services, e.g., auth, email sending, job queue, etc. and use PostgREST to serve the API tied to the models.

there's still the issue of caching, tho 🤔

2024 will be the year of e-commerce for me.

fence fixed. easier than i thought, the hardest part was digging the rocks and dealing with the tree's roots.

instead of typing on a computer, today i will fix our fence.

it's been in my head for many days, so i'll just deal with it so i can move on more important things.

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but making the frontend dumber and handling most of the logic in the backend pays off.

you abstract logic so you can build different dumb clients, e.g., web, mobile, desktop, cli.

writing a new feature with tests takes a lot of time, but consistency and data integrity are things that pay off in the long term.

it just feels weird that at the end of the day what you complete is that a button does what i needs to do with a click, it feels like it's too little of an accomplishment.

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