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but making the frontend dumber and handling most of the logic in the backend pays off.

you abstract logic so you can build different dumb clients, e.g., web, mobile, desktop, cli.

writing a new feature with tests takes a lot of time, but consistency and data integrity are things that pay off in the long term.

it just feels weird that at the end of the day what you complete is that a button does what i needs to do with a click, it feels like it's too little of an accomplishment.

just deleted the last piece of JavaScript from Budgetwise.

Just realized that I ignore reels from brands and always try to consume content from people. And this is as default, from previous experience outside instagram.

It nails down to stories (literal storytelling) or what feels like a story (because most of them are faked now).

So it’s difficult for brands to market directly, but there are exceptions like Nuphy (mechanical keyboards).

But the entry barrier for a new brand is high. At least for a niche target in my demographics.

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We are almost there folks hang in there

2020 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 425%

A small story every day. Steady progress VS big tiring sessions.

But first, I need to reply to the support emails 😅

I finally finished the migration from fastAPI to Django and with it a migration to a new database schema.

Budgetwise now uses double-entry in the backend. The frontend remains the same.

Learning postgrest resulted in learning plpgql which was an enormous leap in productivity for building products.

You can ensure data integrity directly into the database and not in the code, e.g., DRF serializers.

I don’t like DHH but he’s the definition of visionary. He might not be right on all things be he was right about Rails.

Probably the best web framework.

His goal wasn’t the best hyped tech, but putting a good enough quality web product out there in a short period of time.

So Mint announced they are shutting down and that sent a bunch of users over to @budgetwiseapp but we aren’t ready so we moved it to close beta.

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Mint is shutting down and budgetwise isn’t ready. How’s your week going?

@josh please don't spread your htmx propaganda here thank you 😂

The @vuejs community ship the most stable React projects out there. IMO.

Lemme write python inside a react component and I’m sold.

They new “use an a tag as button” for servers.

I need something that can post everywhere. Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, and maybe facebro

last week i was messing with this Mullvad/Tailscale configuration for my PC, laptop and phone and they just released a feature for this specific need today

tldr you can use Mullvad and Tailscale without issues!

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Hey, do you know the @ThePSF is hiring for a full-time position called the Deputy CPython Developer in Residence?

It's a special role where you'd work with me and the rest of the core team on directly shaping the future of #Python.

Want to know more? I posted my personal perspective on why I think it's a special opportunity for you to consider!

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